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Climate Change: No Planet, No Jobs


Confessions of an Old Man“We cannot survive our way out of climate change denial”

June 27, 2020 – The rhetoric of climate change claiming that reducing greenhouse gases is detrimental to job creation and economic growth in the United States negates the fact that there will be no jobs if there is no planet. The Beltway Beast mind-set of having a binary choice of either pollution or jobs ignores the fact that more than 155,000 deaths in 2015 were related to pollution in America. Pollution alone could create lifelong health problems for the MI Generation and their children since it is associated with respiratory conditions and weaker immune system. The Trump administration blames China and India as the world’s leading polluters, which is true, but the United States is also one of the top three polluters.

The argument that China and India are big polluters and, therefore, America should also be one of the main polluters is self-defeating and suicidal. America does not need to compete with China and India in killing its people by producing more greenhouse gases from the use of fossil fuels. China and India are both paying a heavy price in reduced productivity and the mortality of their people. In 2015, China had 1.8 million deaths linked to pollution, and India had 2.5 million. That translates to about five thousand Chinese and seven thousand Indian deaths per day. Beijing is one of the top-ten cities with the highest levels of air pollution in the world. The city government, in December 2016, ordered twelve hundred factories to shut down because of the dangerous level of smog.

The Trump administration and a majority of Republican congressional leaders continue to deny that there is global warming. Therefore, they do not see any need to reduce carbon emissions, be part of international protocols, or solve the environmental problems facing the nation. Climate change is a long-term phenomenon, and its detrimental impact may not materialize for decades. Th e Trump administration will be long gone before that occurs. Therefore, the administration does not have to bear the responsibility of denying global warming while leaving the MI generation to live with the consequences. read more…

Stealing from Millennials

Excerpts from Confessions of an Old Man

Confessions of an Old Man
“There’s nothing like doing things with other people’s money.”
President Donald Trump

March 22, 2020 – Every US president since Reagan has added hundreds of billions to the national debt compared to his predecessor. President Trump may top all the previous presidents by having an estimated annual deficit of $1 trillion by 2020 or even sooner. Congress and the White House have been living on the backs of the younger generation since 1980 by continuing to spend more than they collect in taxes. They have no plans to balance the budget, nor do they have any plans to pay back the principal on the debt. Having no intention or plans to pay the national debt is nothing less than stealing from the MI generation.

In May 2016 candidate Trump proudly claimed, “I’m the king of debt. I love debt.” As president, he has made it clear that he does not mind if deep tax cuts result in a ballooning of the national debt. He proved that by signing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in December 2017. During the 2016 campaign, candidate Trump bragged about using other people’s money. He said:

“It’s called OPM. I do that all the time in business. It’s called other people’s money. There’s nothing like doing things with other people’s money.” However, in this case, OPM is coming from the MI generation. The reason Congress and the White House don’t care and continue to add to the national debt is because it is not their problem. Congress’s own self-interest trumps any concerns it may have for high national debt’s detrimental impact on future generations. They will be long gone before any of the serious problems from uncontrolled national debt surface. read more…

Confessions of an Old Man

How Millennials are Being Robbed

Confessions of an Old Man is about how next generation is being robbed of their future and what can they do about it. The goal of the book is to get Millennials angry enough to actively engage with the American political system and take control of their destiny instead of their future being decided by rich old white men. It is a statement of collective guilt that places the responsibility on my generation, the baby boomers, for dealing a bad card to their children and grandchildren. My generation controls the Congress, the Supreme Court, and the presidency, so we cannot shirk from the responsibility.

This book starts by defining the MI generation and characterizing its economic and political power in decades to come. It then provides an analysis of adverse impact of student loans, national debt, health-care cost, global warming, and retirement on future generations. The book concludes with a challenge and a road map of a better future for all Americans.

Kirkus Reviews
“An inspiring, provocative encouragement to younger generations to exercise political clout….the author supplies a surprisingly sober analysis–one that’s consistently reasonable and pragmatic….this is an intelligent call for practical reform….A spirited critique of American politicians’ treatment of younger generations, and a plan of action for youth empowerment.”

San Francisco Book Review
“Exploring the ways that the baby boomer generation has robbed millennials of future economic stability, Moon uses in-depth research to quickly establish himself as an authority on the subject…. Anyone who is interested in learning a little more about economics, government, the environment, and the implications of the so-called “American Dream” is sure to enjoy Moon’s Confessions of an Old Man.”

Manhattan Book Review
“I recommend this book to all who desire imminent change, but I deem it a must-read for Millennials. …In his confession, this old man is guaranteed to convince the reader that serious issues can be conquered by working the democratic process–but the people must act.”

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Introducing Author Munir Moon

Munir Moon is a former financial industry executive, a successful small business owner and an author of three books. Moon spent eight years in the financial industry, starting at Chase Econometrics and ending at a savings and loan association during the 1980s. He was a firsthand observer of the financial crisis in the 1980s, which resulted in the demise of the savings and loan industry, to be repeated in 2008 in a different form. Having a son born with cancer who survived numerous surgeries, he has experienced the best and worst of American healthcare system. As a businessman, he appreciates the impact of over-regulations, taxes and globalization.