Confessions of an Old Man: How Millennials are Being Robbed is a call to action for the MI generation—who has the most to lose if the United States continues with its current domestic and foreign policies. It is also a call to those parents and grandparents who want to leave a better world for their children and grandchildren. Millennials and the iGeneration combined are called the MI generation in this book. They are defined as those who were born between 1980 and 2018, and they represent about 150 million Americans, and about 32% of eligible voters. They are large enough to bring about the political change. It is not complicated to effectuate the change nor is it impossible but it does require an out of the box strategy, as laid out in the book.

My generation is leaving members of the MI generation a mountain of national debt to pay down for the rest of their lives, a very expensive higher education system that does not provide a decent return on their money, and an unaffordable and inaccessible health-care system. They are left with a planet that is getting warmer and two unwinnable wars primarily financed by money borrowed from foreign countries. If that is not enough, the Beltway has created a political system of tribal warfare where politicians are too busy dividing Americans and making them afraid of one another just to win their next election.

There is a silver lining, and it lies with the MI Generation. Instead of getting depressed, they can start changing the face of Congress where the mess is being created. Congress has the power to make laws and write checks. It is Congress that passed laws incentivizing large corporations to export American jobs, piling debt on the MI generation, taxing working income at a higher rate than nonworking income, charging higher interest rates on student loans, and prohibiting Medicare to negotiate drug prices. The election of 2020 will be the most consequential election of this generation. By 2020, members of the MI generation will represent the largest and most powerful voting bloc in the United States. Through their votes, they can transform American laws and policies by engaging in the political process and public deliberations. Best of all, this process is free. Their political and economic power will continue to grow as they become a larger segment of society as voters and consumers….More


If you value your country and the future of our society, and would like our future to be better, then buy this book. If you know someone who wants to learn about new ways of thinking outside the box and tired of the same failed ideas being used over and over that is ruining it for the current (and future) generations, buy this book for that person….Each section gives valuable information, examples and interesting observations that affect everyone. Engaging narrative and well edited, I highly recommend this for anyone who wants a better country now and for its future generations.
(5 stars) Indie Book Reviewers

I recommend this book, “Confessions of an Old Man” to everyone who wants to read a clear, coherent vision of a better future for our country. Mr. Moon does a splendid job of stating his thesis in the beginning and backing it up with clear, coherent arguments throughout the whole book. Highly recommend.”
(5 stars) Sherrie Warner – Barnes & Noble Reviewer

Munir Moon has a great ability to take complex ideas, concepts and put them in the simplest terms for all to understand easily and in a way that we can relate to, no matter if you are a Millennial, or a Baby Boomer, or a Gen X-er….a well-rounded approach to critical thinking and improving the conditions and can improve lives for future generations.” 
(5 stars) Stefan Beacher – Goodreads Reviewer

“It is inspiring and well-researched – it is clear that the author knows what he’s writing about…Any book that presents solid ideas in a fresh way is worth a read, and I thought it was very eye-opening and inspiring as well.” 
(4-5 stars) Nicole Hastings – Indie Book Reviewers

I feel like Munir Moon did a wonderful job of getting his message out and doing so in a very digestible manner. I was unaware of so many things discussed in this book, and I consider myself to be fairly well educated and in touch with current affairs….Recommend for readers of economic and political nonfiction.”
(4-5 stars) Essiea Harmon – Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers


Confessions of an Old Man