Understanding Other People

The last 11 years have proven that Iraqi leaders are not willing to work together. Yet, we are still telling them to do so. Never mind that the Shiite-Sunni conflict has existed for over 1000 years. As former Defense Secretary and the architect of the Vietnam War Robert McNamara said, “I don’t think we understand the Moslems – Moslem fundamentalist, I don’t think we in America understand the Chinese, I am not sure if we understand the Russians. For God’s sake try to understand other people.” (more…)

Intended Consequences of Iraq War

Iraqi Map by ethnicityYou break it you own it,” warned General Powell to President George W. Bush before the invasion of Iraq. Well, the previous administration, in its hubris of Shock and Awe, decided to break Iraq. The American public finally realized that they were either deceived at best or lied to at worst. Thus, we demanded that they bring our troops back home. However, some of our elected leaders instead of accepting their mistakes, want us to get back to Iraq through military engagement. For years, lawmakers have been unwilling to admit their part in breaking Iraq. Instead, they continue to blame whatever political punching bag is popular that week. It is only reasonable to ask our elected leaders who voted for the Iraq war to take responsibility for over 20,000 American soldiers who were killed or wounded while stealing at least $2 trillion from our kids to pay for it.

Time to End U.S. Obsession With Iran’s Nuclear Program

Now that a short-term deal with Iran about its nuclear program has been reached, the timing is right for the U.S. to turn over the lead on these negotiations to China, India and Russia, who live in the neighborhood. When the wrangling over Iran’s nuclear capabilities began a few decades ago, in a very different geopolitical landscape, it may have made sense for the U.S. to play helicopter parent. However, that time has passed, especially with so much to do here at home, from rebuilding the economy and creating jobs to fixing the debt problem. In the meantime, here are some thoughts worth pondering about Iran’s nuclear program as an imminent threat to the U.S.